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Find the perfect rug size and shape for any room. Quick Guide - “How To Arrange an Area Rug.”

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Helpful answers to all your "How To" rug questions

Safavieh has been the first name in rugs for more than 100 years. With roots connecting to the finest handmade oriental rugs to trendy new modern rugs using the latest technology-driven power looms, Safavieh creates gorgeous area rugs for every taste and décor budget.

Living room rugs are a key element in anchoring the color scheme and room furnishings chosen for your look. Today, when shopping for rugs home decorators have more choices than ever. Wether you are looking for the artistry and comforting textures of a fine Persian rug, or an area rug better suited for busy foot traffic, you don’t need to sacrifice style and flare for your budget or family-friendly sensibilities. Modern power loomed rugs will stand up beautifully in any room, are incredibly affordable and offer timeless rug designs, vibrant colors and comforting textures underfoot. For big living areas, large area rugs add warmth and an “acoustic cushion” in spacious rooms with higher ceilings.      

Washable rugs are a perfect alternative for any room, especially with the large selection of styles and colors now available in machine washable rugs. While definitely priced to suit any budget, these incredibly versatile rugs certainly shouldn’t be labeled “cheap rugs” given the soft textures and marvelous choice of designs you’ll find in every collection of Safavieh washable rugs.

Outdoor rugs are another durable, incredibly decorative rug that has come a long way in incorporating interior design style into indoor-outdoor rug design. Outdoor patio rugs bring fashionable colors and resort style décor to any backyard deck, patio or porch. Safavieh patio rugs are weather resistant and resistant to stains and fading from the sun season after season.

Like any rug that will be used in a busy room, bathroom rugs and kitchen rugs also require a smart combination of durability and fashion. Bath mats are made with a non-slip latex backing, while many rugs can be used in a kitchen depending on the area of the kitchen where they will be placed. Round rugs are a perfect choice in a dinette under a round table. For something closer to the sink or work areas of the kitchen, a washable rug or outdoor rug is a good choice. Runner rugs are ideal for narrow areas between kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island or bar seating area.

Natural fiber rugs are extremely popular and are made in a large selection of styles and fashionable colors. Interior designers love working with sisal rugs and jute rugs to add a rustic-chic feel and rich textures to room décor.

Bedroom rugs allow for more flexibility in choosing luxurious textures without the worry of heavy foot traffic or spills. Plush pile shag rugs offer a marvelous feel underfoot when stepping out of bed as is the case with the silky-smooth comfort of a viscose rug. The bedroom is also a perfect location for the warm, comforting feel of a traditional wool rug.

Trendy, boho rugs are a great choice when the look calls for vibrant colors, rustic charm, and evocative designs. Many bohemian rugs are reminiscent of tribal rugs or nomadic rugs from around the world, while others are considered intricate geometric rugs. All boho-modern rugs lend a distinctive look to room décor.