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Inspire and Be Inspired #safavieh

Have you ever looked around a newly redecorated space and wondered, “How do I complete the look?” Well, the answer is simple, inexpensive, and delivers bigtime on impact; home accessories. The difference between good décor and great décor lies in the details and nothing says essential details like the complementary colors, perceptible textures and myriad of creative looks you’ll find in the broad array of pieces that fall into the category of home accessories.

Once you’ve changed the area rug, a few new pieces of furniture and perhaps some new lighting, it’s time to dip into the big bag of home accessory options and stylize the new look with throw pillows, floor pillows, throw blankets, mirrors, wall art and more. Accessorizing any living space breathes life into the look and offers the home interior decorator a chance to express their own personal taste and style.  

Safavieh home accessories can add a signature finishing touch to any style décor. If the space calls for a warm and inviting vibe, comfy throw pillows and a plush throw blanket will do the trick. Perhaps a chic gold framed mirror when glam is the goal, or some decorative bowls and a colorful garden stool to bring bohemian flare to the space. There’s virtually no limit as to how accessories can invigorate room décor. 

 Throw pillows are perhaps the easiest, least expensive option when it comes to adding a pop of color and a variety of textures to any living space. The perfect accompaniment to an accent chair, sofa or sectional, accent pillows are offered in an almost limitless array of colors and fabrics. From plush shag pillows and faux fur pillows, to glam satin pillows and homey knitted pillows, decorative pillows are the perfect partner to your home furnishings.

Any room can benefit from the inherent qualities of a beautiful new wall mirror. Mirrors reflect ambient light and add depth and dimension, especially in smaller spaces. They are also ideal for adding a bit of artsy character to any space. Decorative wall mirrors are all about style and the boundless choice of frames that are available to the interior designer. Choose from glam gold frames, all beautifully shimmering from incredible metal designs. Or perhaps a traditional wood frame mirror or an industrial-chic glass framed mirror is the look you seek. You’ll have no trouble finding a room mirror to accentuate your look. 

Garden stools are a smart choice when trying to fill a quaint space such as a corner by an accent chair or beside a doorway. The ideal piece to place a small plant or a perch for books or magazines, a garden stool is a small piece that makes a big impact. Ceramic garden stools come in many colors and designs so use them to introduce a subtle new colors and a characteristic look to your room décor.

Holiday accessories have a special capacity for bringing the spirit and colorful themes of the season to any space. Christmas stockings, wreaths, holiday throw blankets and pumpkin pillows are just a few of the many choices you’ll have when decorating your home for the holidays.