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Majesty Traditional Rug- MAJ4781-1140-3
Color: Creme/Red
SHAPE: Small Rectangle
Size: 3'-3" X 5'-3"
Sale Price$60.61 $75.76
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The Majesty Collection offers traditionally styled area rugs designed for modern lifestyles. With richly colored motifs set against warm, welcoming hues, Majesty is perfectly suited for a wide variety of decor tastes and styles. Majesty is made using select synthetic yarns making this versatile, easy-care floor covering an ideal choice for any room in the home or business office. 



Majesty Traditional Rug-MAJ4781-1140-3 Majesty Heirloom Rug-MAJ4781-1140-5 Majesty Heirloom Rug-MAJ4781-1140-8 Majesty Heirloom Rug-MAJ4781-1525-3 Majesty Heirloom Rug-MAJ4781-1525-8