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Toronto Shag Rug- SGTW711A-3044
Color: Ivory/Light Grey
SHAPE: Accent
Size: 2'-6" X 3'-8"
Sale Price$40.19 $50.24
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Shimmering with the luster of satin, Toronto shag rugs radiate style and sophistication. A brilliant blend of textured yarns infuse this collection with striking highlights and comforting texture. Hand-tufted using soft synthetic yarns, Toronto shags boast a cushioned feel underfoot and high performance in any room. Now available in smart selection of boho-chic designs.



Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711A-3044 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711A-5 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711B-28 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711B-3 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711B-5SQ Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711E-4 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711E-5SQ Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711F-28 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711F-5 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711H-28 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711H-5SQ Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711M-4 Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711M-5SQ Toronto Shag Rug-SGTW711M-8